Commercial Kitchens

 We are the chosen brand for the UK’S top restaurants and Hotels. In 2009 our Flooring was the chosen floor for the Kitchens at Le Manoir Aux Quat Saison. Raymond Blancs Flagship Michelin starred restaurant. These floors are also in the kitchens at the Houses of Parliament . The Jumeirah Carlton Tower. The Ivy. And J Sheekey


MMA Floors can be installed directly over the existing tiled floor. We are fully aware of the tight time constraints when installing equipment in a working kitchen. In a single night from midnight until 7am we can install a floor in an average sized restaurant. Larger areas can be completed with multiple night shifts. The floor will be handed over fully cured and ready to be used at the end of each night. There will therefore be no disruption to the working day of a busy kitchen.

Slip resistance

We apply floors with full HSE compliant slip resistance. We can also vary slip resistance increasing the levels in area such as pot washes whilst using minimum slip resistance in pastry areas.


We create a completely smooth finish to the floor and then broadcast Aluminium oxide into the top seal coat this provides the required slip resistance without compromising the cleanability.


It is difficult to accurately estimate the lifespan of our floors The first floors in kitchens were installed in the late 1970s and are still in daily use today. So all we can say is that your floor should last for more than 30 years.


Commercial Kitchen Commercial Kitchen Commercial Kitchen       We also supply sprayed hygienic wall coatings