Food Manufacturer

Food manufacturing plants have some of the highest demands put upon their floors. Heavy vehicular traffic including forklifts, Water and other chemical attacks, bacterial growth. Because of the general poor performance of every product on the market clients have little faith in any.

The expected life span of most resin floors is as little as six months However Geofloor flooring has been proven to last more than 20 years.


With a compression strength of up to 90N/mm2. Our floors  have a compression strength higher than epoxy and PU.


Floors can be laid during nightly shutdowns. Our floors are fully cured within 2 hours of application allowing full traffic access We can lay floors over any sound substrate including tiles. We can add varying levels of slip resistance depending on the specific client requirements.

Chemical resistance

The biggest cause of resin based floor failure is attack from water. Water soaks through the resin and dissolves the plasticizers. Once the plasticizers have gone, the floor begins to fail. Our floors do not lose their plasticizers over time.

Environmental Health

We have an option for Antimicrobial additive which prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface.