Retail, Offices & Supermarkets


We can lay floors in retail environments overnight with no obstruction to the sales floor during opening hours. We work with Tesco, ASDA, IKEA and  Morrison’s.


Geoflor floors have a compression strength of up to 90n/mm2 . This is more than double the strength of any MMA based floor system. Therefore the are more than capable of taking the everyday traffic associated with retail flooring.

Installation time

The system can be laid quickly and fully cured within two hours of installation. We can lay up to 500 m2 per day depending on site conditions.


It is difficult to ascertain a lifespan in retail situations . We can however show you many examples of clients mistakenly believing our competitors claims that their products have the same properties as Geofloor. The country’s supermarkets are littered with poor failing resin floors where the specifier was duped into specifying inferior products.

Wall coatings

We supply and install high strength wall coatings for all commercial situations from standard hard wearing paints to explosive protection coatings


We can offer a design and advice service for you commercial premises. We offer a full range of resin, vinyl and carpet solutions.

We can also offer advice on DDA requirements in modern public buildings.