Geofloor  System floor coatings has a life-expectancy standard in line with other building structures, with documented longevity of 30 + years. This is documented by the references we have, aging back to 1978.

The floors are easily maintained and/or refurbished, should the facilities be changed or damage should occur.

Our floors are completely cured after 2 hours and there are no emissions after this curing period.

All materials in the construction of a Geofloor floor are mixed together and installed on site, the residual products from the installation site is recycled into other flooring installations.

All packaging is taken care of, plastic waste and waste paper for recycling and empty barrels are added activator and disposed of as regular household waste.

Geofloor Industrial Flooring meets or exceeds the VOC and chemical component limit in accordance with Grean Seal requirements.