Water Utilities

Fast set, quick drying spray applied polyurea meets the stringent regulations required for fresh, treated and potable water storage reservoirs.

Our Product contains NO CFC’s, NO VOC’s and NO SOLVENTS and is 100% solids. It is also touch dry in 5 to 7 seconds making it easy and quick to apply. Resulting in very little downtime.


Reservoir Tops


Meets the requirements of both UK WRAS approval and Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations

  • Sprayed to desired thickness
  • Touch dry in seconds – fast return to service
  • Forms a waterproof/airtight seamless membrane
  • Resists most common chemicals
  • Prevents rust, corrosion and other forms of deterioration.
  • Approved by the Secretary of State for use in public water supplies Internal drinking water reservoir lining to Regulation 31
We can   provide external coatings to reservoir tops that have an insulation “U”Value of 0.65w/m²/k   for 40mm insulation. Therefore we can both coat and insulate the reservoir top  simultaneously.



Internal Water Tank and Reservoir Lining


We can spray coat all internal tanks to Regulation 31

making our product fully compatible with tanks and reservoirs storing drinking water




Bund Lining

bund-lining-LINE-X-Industrial-Coating We can spray apply coatings to a bund that can be mechanically fixed to resist  Hydro-Static Pressure








We are members of the Water Industry Forum
Our products have been recognized by the Water Innovation Network