We have solution to all waterproofing problems including  the items below


bund-lining-LINE-X-Industrial-Coating  Bund Linings

Bund Linings including an option for mechanical fixing to resist Hydro-Static pressure

We have a range of options depending upon the type of bund. Speed of  re entry into service and special chemical resistance required.


We specialize in servicing your bund and returning it to service in the minimum time,




Picture2Asbestos roof encapsulation.

We can coat both sides and include insulation within the coating. Wall cladding coating  can also be undertaken

We can coat the internal roof with an option for insulation to be installed concurrently.


IT is a far more cost effective solution to encapsulate asbestos rather than removing and taking off site.




Basement waterproofingBasement refurbishment.

We have a range of option for the complete permanent waterproofing of all basements from small lift pits to large underground carparks. Depending upon the problems we can utilize specific products to your needs.

We can also cure extreme problems with we basements including  stopping water form seeping through the walls.

All of our products are quick and simple to install resulting in a quick return to operation and the knowledge that the product will last many years. We also have a range of products to suit all budgets.





Industrial-Coatings-LINE-X-metal-fabrication-560x328 Coating to Metal

Anti corrosion coatings for  tank lining, plant, and machinery protection.

We have a range of anti corrosion coatings that will preserve steel pipes.

We can also line pipes and repair leaking or damaged pipework.





Internal-Tank-Lining-LINE-X-Industrial-Coatings Tank Lining

To WRAS approval and Regulation 31. See our “Water Utilities” page

We can line both external or internal tanks in either steel of concrete. Our products are food safe and to drinking water standard. Installation time is minimal  meaning that your tanks can be returned to service with the least downtime.